Payment & Insurance Information

In Network:

  • Currently in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, UMR, and Aetna (selected plans only, out of network with Memorial Hermann Aetna).
  • Coverage varies from plan to plan. Patients covered by the above insurers may be responsible for out of pocket costs subject to their insurance policy (e.g., copay, coinsurance, deductible). We will verify your insurance benefits if there is adequate time prior to your visit and suggest that you do the same. This involves calling your insurance company to ask if Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is a covered benefit and, if so, for which diagnosis(es). To assist in verifying your benefits, please note that the CPT codes for MNT are 97802 (Initial Consultation), 97803 (Follow-Up Consultation), and 97804 (Group). Initial verification of insurance coverage is not a guarantee of payment.
  • Please bring your photo ID and insurance card to your appointment if we are billing your insurance company for the visit.
  • Certain plans may require a referral from the Primary Care Physician (PCP) in order to be covered by insurance.

Out of Network:

  • Patients not covered by the above insurers are responsible for the cost of the visit. If you have private health insurance coverage with a different provider with out-of-network benefits, we can submit an out-of-network claim on your behalf to your insurer or provide you with a superbill (a medical receipt) that you may file with your insurance company to seek reimbursement. Please note that this is not a guarantee of coverage or payment by your insurance company and out-of-network coverage varies depending on your plan.
  • If you have a Health Flexible Spending Account (FSA), we can provide you with a superbill in order for you to request reimbursement from your account.
  • Visits are billed in 15-minute increments (e.g., 75 minutes).
  • Self pay patients will receive same day discount.
  • Self Pay Rates: (including discount)
    • Initial Consultation = $31.25 per 15-minute increment ($125/hr)
    • Follow-Up Consultation = $25 per 15-minute increment ($100/hr)
    • Telehealth is billed at the same rate as Initial or Follow-Up Consultation
  • A credit card number is required to schedule an appointment but will not be billed until services are rendered or cancelled without the required notice.
  • Appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Missed appointments or appointments not cancelled with at least 24 hours notice are subject to a $25 cancellation charge.
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